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Welcome to Langlade Snow. The intent of this page is to keep you informed of trail conditions in Langlade County in Wisconsin. I will also post upcoming events that would be of interest to snowmobilers. If you are a first time snowmobiler to our County, you will notice that the trail map has numbers at all intersections. The numbers are also located on the trail at the corresponding intersections. The reason for intersection numbers are two-fold: 1. SAFETY: In the event of an emergency, rescue personnel will be able locate you quicker. 2. ASSIST the snowmobiler in pin pointing where you are. In the future GPS coordinates may be added to the intersection signs.

On the Langlade County Snowmobile Map are zones A & B. Usually the trails in Zone A will open prior to those in Zone B; this is because some of the trails go through open fields in the Antigo area (a lot of the snow can be blown off the fields).

RIDE SAFE                    STAY RIGHT

LANGLADE COUNTY TRAILS:---5:56 AM 3/25/2014: ALL LANGLADE COUNTY TRAILS WILL CLOSE, Tuesday, 25 MAR at 5 PM. Zone A trails opened at 5 PM, 20 Dec. ALL of ZONE B has opened effective 5 PM 27 Dec.

TRAIL CONDITIONS:----------------5:56 AM 3/25/2014: I guess the end is nearer than I thought--ALL Langlade county trails will CLOSE at 5 PM, 25 Mar.-------12:13 PM 12/15/2014: With the warm weather, we have lost just about all of the snow in open areas, although the grade from Hwy 64 to North of Lily still has snow cover. I had packed the ski hill before the warm up, but lost most of the snow with the warm weather. We don't make snow, so it's up to mother nature, same as on the trails. The ski hill is basically bare, I'll have to start over. What we need now is cold weather so that the ground freezes, and then snow. .

WEATHER:------------------------------6:22 AM 12/18/2014: NOW: 22 High: 27. Sun & clouds mixed. WIND: Light & variable.
TONIGHT: LOW: 14. Partly cloudy. WIND: Light & variable .


Total snowfall 2012-2013: 57 3/4"
Total snowfall 2013-2014: 69 3/4"

2013-2014: First snow--8 Nov-1/4", melted next day
2014-2015: First snow--5 Nov-1 1/4"

5 Nov----1 1/4"eve of 5 Nov--wet/heavy snow (melted)
7 Nov----1" eve of 7 Nov--wet heavy snow
9 Nov----1"early morning of 9 Nov--wet heavy snow
10 Nov----2 1/4" up to noon, then stopped snowing
11 Nov----1/2" early morning
11 Nov----2 1/2"morning/early afternoon
12 Nov----1/4" early morning
15 Nov----3/4" eve of 15 Nov
19 Nov----3/4" early morn of 19 Nov
23 Nov----rain,fog--40*
24 Nov----6" aft/eve of 24 Nov
28 Nov----1" morn of 28 Nov
2 Dec----1" eve of 2 Dec
8 Dec----1 3/4" early morning
16 Dec----light rain
17 Dec----1 1/4" morning of 19 Dec

Snowfall last 24 Hrs: 0"

Total snowfall Snow at White Lake: 21 1/4"

Snow on the ground at White Lake (measured in an open area): 1 1/4".

19 DEC 1st RIDE of 2013-2014: Trailered to Watersmeet.

5 Dec 1st RIDE of 2014-2015: Trailered to Watersmeet. Rode East & then North to Kenton, Sidnaw, then North to Rousseau. Backtracked to Watersmeet. Good trail where groomed, but some parts not groomed yet, but very rideable.

6 Dec Trailered to Watersmeet. Polaris had demo sleds at Headwaters Polaris, took a 600 Switchback for a demo ride. The new chassis is a vast improvement over the Rush of past years. This sled will definetely put a smile on the face of anyone that owns/rides one. I then unloaded & rode E. to 3N, took 3N by Bond Falls to 8, E on 8 to Kenton, stopped at Hoppy's for a burger and then 107S. Trail 3 was very good, 8 & 107 were good, the grade back to Watersmeet developed a little chop late in the day.

23 Mar 2014: LAST RIDE. Left just after noon. N. up the grade to I22C(just South of the Wolf River bridge) then W.to I22(N. of Elton), then N. to I23, then N. up thur the Crockers(stopping at the ski hill), and on to the Sno Birds. Stopped at the clubhouse for a short time and returned the same way. The Crocker Hills continue to be very good, maybe 8-10 brown patches. The road just N. of the ski hill is gravel for about 100 yds. I encountered 6 riders on the trail, and 8 were at the club house. It warmed just enough to make the trail surface loose enough for hyfax/cooling. A short, but very nice ride.

Any comments that you may have about the trails or anything else, please e/m me, thanks.

See you on the trail

Kettle Bowl:---THE SKI HILL IS CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. The normal weekend schedule when we are open is 12-4 Sat & Sun only. A ski shop from Antigo brings a large trailer out to the hill with the rental skiis/boots/poles/snow boards. (ANTIGO SKI, 715.623.4300 or 715.350.1002) The normal hours at the hill are 12-4 Sat & Sun when we are open. We may at times be open during teachers conventions or holidays. Kettle Bowl ski hill is located approximately 15 miles NE of Antigo on Hwy 52 or 4 miles SW of the Hwy 52/55 intersection at Lily. We have five rope tows, all runs are intermediate with a bunny/beginners hill. Snow boards are very popular and welcome. There is no sledding or tubing facilities. We have a very modern chalet with food available. Snowmobilers are welcome, use caution when entering the parking lot & do not travel in front of the chalet, park to your left as you enter the parking lot.

Snowmobile public parking:----Summit Lake Park at Summit Lake(on Hwy 45 approx 15 mi. N of Antigo), DNR parking lot at Langlade (intersection Hwy 64/55), Lily Sno Birds Club House at Lily (on Turtle Lake Rd off Hwy 52 just South of Hwy 55/52 intersection), Hummer's at the junction of Cty A & TT. Northside Amoco (BP)-N. of Fleet Farm, FS (just N. of the lites at 64/45). All have direct trail access. Many businesses have parking & are located next to the trail, but INQUIRE first.

EVENTS: 2014

JAN 10 Tombstone Pickerel annual chili ride-in/fundraiser. Annual general meeting at 11:00 AM; ride-in noon to 5PM. Food & refreshments. Paddle, wheel, basket raffles; silent auction. Groomer rides & new sleds on display.

JAN 31 The 31st annual Langlade County ride-in at the Lily Sno Birds clubhouse, located on the trail 15 miles NE of Antigo. Free food and refreshments. From 11:00 AM to approx 4PM. All are welcome.


The restaurant in White Lake is closed, everything inside was sold at an auction. At the present time the White Lake Market is serving breakfast on Saturdays & Sundays.

With all the snow they had in Iron County, they closed all trails because of the warm weather. The trails in Michigan are open, but are basically un-rideable because of the loss of snow.


NOTE: CAP/STEP from now on will be referred to & called the WI Trail Pass

1. WHEN DOES THIS NEW LAW GO INTO EFFECT? July 1, 2015. ACT 142 requires each sled operating on trails to display a WI TRAIL PASS that is purchased annually. This is separate from the WI snowmobile registration.

2. WHAT IS THE COST OF THE TRAIL PASS? Once ACT 142 is implemented, if your membership dues with one of the nearly 600 AWSC snowmobile clubs statewide are up to date and the club has paid your AWSC dues, the cost of the TRAIL PASS will be $10. If you are purchasing the new TRAIL PASS and are NOT an AWSC and snowmobile club member, the cost will be $30 per snowmobile.

3. DO I HAVE TO JOIN A CLUB? NO--It will be your choice to join one of the nearly 600 AWSC snowmobile clubs statewide. Please remember that without the clubs and volunteers there would be NO TRAILS! It is the club volunteers that provide and maintain the WI snowmobile trail system. (over 18,000 miles of user funded miles).

4. WHERE DO THE FUNDS FROM THE TRAIL PASS & REGISTRATION GO?--The revenue generated from the sale of snowmobile registrations and trail passes will go into the state snowmobile program's segregrated fund. (trail maintainance, grooming, signing, new projects, etc).

5. HOW DO I OBTAIN MY TRAIL PASS?--Those details and processes have yet to be determined by the State along with the AWSC.(See Trail Pass purchase info below)

6. DO I STILL HAVE TO REGISTER MY SNOWMOBILE WITH THE STATE OF WI?--YES--However the fee structure will change to a $30/3 year registration, currently it is $30/2 years.

7. IS THE OUT OF STATE (NON-RESIDENT) TRAIL PASS GOING TO INCREASE IN COST?--YES--It will increase to $50 (currently it is $35).

8. MY SNOWMOBILE IS 30 YEARS (OR OLDER). DO I STILL NEED A TRAIL PASS?--The new law provides a FREE annual (yearly) Trail Pass sticker to be displayed on sleds 30 years & older. However, snowmobiles still need to be registered. ($30 for 3 year registration).

9. IF I DON't LIVE IN WI, CAN I STILL REGISTER MY SNOWMOBILE(S) IN WI?--YES --If you reside in another state you can still register your snowmobile(s) in WI. If you chose to belong to one of the nearly 600 AWSC snowmobile clubs statewide and are up to date with membership dues and the club has paid your ASWSC dues, the cost of the TRAIL PASS will be $10. If registered in WI, and you do not belong to a Club in WI, your TRAIL PASS will cost $30. You will have to purchase the OUT OF STATE TRAIL PASS FOR $50 if your snowmobile is registered in another state.


The club membership chair WILL NOT be resposible for issuing Trail Passes to members. Each member will be responsibile for purchasing his/her own trail passes. The trail Pass is a a separate purchase from your snowmobile registration. Club Membership Chair will continue to be responsible for the timely (immediate) submission to the AWSC office new club/AWSC members, or any changes in the membership status of club members. There will be 4 ways that current Club/AWSC members can purchase their discounted Trail Pass after July 1, 2015.

1. Order online through the AWSC website with a credit card (Mastercard, Visa or Discover), your AWSC membership # (found on your AWSC membership card or on the address label of your WSN (Wisconsin Snowmobile News) magazine, and your snowmobile registration number.

2. Call the AWSC office to order your WI trail Pass with a credit card, along with your AWSC member #, and your snowmobile registration #.

3. Walk in the AWSC office and purchase with cash, check, or credit card; your AWSC member #, and your snowmobile registration #.

4. Mail in your check or credit card # along with your AWSC member #, and your snowmobile registration # on the Trail Pass form (still under development) available from the AWSC website or your club membership chair.

The size, shape, color and where to put the trail Pass on your snowmobile is yet to be determined.


updated: 6:24 AM 4/1/2014

Langlade: Closed 5 PM 25 Mar
Forest: Closing Thrus, 8 AM 3 Apr
Oconto all trails closing 31 Mar at midnight
Florence: 31 Mar closing, very good conditions with the recent snow
Vilas: 31 Mar midnight closing
Lincoln: closing 31 Mar
Shawno: all closed as of 6:oo AM 27 Mar
Marathon: closing on Sat, 29 Mar at 8:00 AM
Vilas: closing 31 Mar at midnight

Thanks to all that stopped at the Lily Sno Birds clubhouse this past season(2013-2014), and to those that didn't, hope to see you this season.

The ice on White Lake went out 1 May, 2013.
The ice on White Lake went out 3 May, 2014.

Season//Start-End Date//Miles

85-86: 12-20//3-20-86: 1,550****86-87: 12-25//3-4-87: 1,293
87-88: 12-13//3-5-88: 2,492*****88-89: 12-18//3-18-89: 2,781
89-90: 12-16//2-25-90: 1,757****90-91: 12-19//3-3-91: 2,839
91-92: 12-14//3-22-9: 1,816****92-93: 12-29//3-21-93: 1,995
93-94: 12-23//3-12-94: 1,672****94-95: 12-30//3-10-95: 2,427
95-96: 12-15//3-27-96: 3,090****96-97: 12-10//3-23-97: 3,078
97-98: 12-31//3-21-98: 2,071****98-99: 12-31//3-14-99: 2,510
99-00: 1-5//2-20-00: 1,890******00-01: 12-20//3-24-01: 3,620
01-02: 12-29//4-7-02: 3,178*****02-03: 12-28//3-14-03: 2,123
03-04: 12-13//3-23-04: 2,123****04-05: 12-19//3-26-05: 2,503
05-06: 12-11//3-23-06: 2,278****06-07: 1-2//3-23-07: 1,850
07-08: 12-29//3-17-08: 2,391****08-09: 12-26//3-14-09: 2,494
09-10: 12-18//3-4-10: 3,667*****10-11: 12-24//3-15-11: 2,858
11-12: 12-23//3-9-12: 2,533*****12-13: 1-3-13//4-24-13: 4,625
13-14: 12-19//3-23-14: 4,208


If travelling across a lake, follow the marking. Clubs are not required to mark lake crossings, but they do this as a courtesy. Be alert on Pickerel Lake as there are some ice heaves.

NOTE: I FOUND A HELMET CAM ON THE TRAIL( UNDAMAGED!!). CONTACT ME BY E/M IF YOU LOST IT, OR YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO LOST ONE. I put posters up at a few locations around Lily; a couple weeks went by and I got a call. I met with the individual and he was able to identify it to my satisfaction as it had some unique markings.


CLUB----------------------------PRESIDENT/phone number----------------MEETING DATE---------------MEETING LOCATION

Antigo Sno-Drifters-----------Tim Grall--------715.623.3910-----------------2nd Mon--------------------various area pit stops

Bryant Ridge Runners-------Carl Thiede----715.627.6089-------------------2nd Tues--------------------various area pit stops

Deerbrook Bridge Runners-Jamie Denke-715.627.0892-------------------3rd Mon--------------------Quinn's-Neva P/S 15

Elcho Sno-Devils--------------Mike Ramuta-715.610.5095-----------------2nd Mon---------------------Sno-Devils clubhouse-Elcho

Lily Sno-Birds-----------------Don Graves-------715.484.4010---------------2nd Sat----------------------Sno-Birds clubhouse-Lily

N. Woods Boulder Lake Snow Goers---Jim Tilkens--715.276.3290-varied(no winter meetings)-----Wolf River Town Hall-Langlade

Phlox Winter Knights-------Carl Meidl--------715.623.0726----------------4th Mon--------------------Phlox Town Hall-Phlox

Polar Blazers-----------------Brian Braun------715.627.4918-----------------2nd Tues---------------------Groomer Bldg-Polar

Summit Brush Busters-----Kevin Asby------715.627.2121------------------ukwn-------------------------ukwn

Tombstone-Pickerel-------Dan Henningfeld--715.484.4040----------------2nd Mon---------------------Tombstone-Pickerel clubhouse-Cty DD-Pickerel


Antigo Yamaha: Antigo 715.623.4144
DNR: Antigo 715.627.4317
Elcho Shell: Elcho 715.275.3622
Fuller Sales: Antigo 715.623.4912
Mike's Service: Langlade 715.882.8901
Fleet Farm: Antigo 715.623.2063
Motor Sports Marine: Pearson 715.484.2106
Schaefer's Ctry Store: Pearson 715.484.5804

Call ahead to make sure they have trail passes & their hours.

GAS: 24 HOUR GAS, TRAIL accessable.

White Lake-------P/S 47---(White Lake Market--down town White Lake) (next to Black Bear)
Pickerel-----------P/S 90---(Northwoods Inn, Shell, (55/Cty A)
Pickerel-----------P/S 104--(Lotter's BP, down town Pickerel)
Elcho--------------P/S 20---(Elcho Shell, down town Elcho)
Pelican Lake-----P/S 19A--(Musky Mart, BP, E. side of Pelican Lake, next to Hwy 45)
Summit Lake----P/S 37---Summit Lake, BP, just South of Billy Timbers, E. side of Hwy 45.
Antigo-------------P/S 58---(Remington Oil, Exxon, Hwy 45, S. of town)
Antigo-------------P/S 59---(FS, just N. of Hwy 45/64)-next to Burger King
Antigo-------------P/S 69---(Northside Ammoco, BP, 1 mi. N. of 45/64)
Antigo-------------P/S 75A--(BP, just S. of 45/64) (next to Pizza Hut & Super 8)
Antigo-------------P/S 75B--(Wagner's Shell, Forest Ave/Hwy 45, S. side of Antigo)
Antigo-------------P/S 82---(Kwik trip---located at the jct of 64/45)


Pickerel---------P/S 91--(N. of Pickerel on Hwy 55, (Schaeffer's Country Store)
Pickerel---------P/S 89--(Hwy A/TT jct-Lil Hummer's)(formerly Wolf's Den)
Langlade--------P/S 44--(Hwy 55/64) (Mike's Service)
Langlade--------P/S 38--(Hwy 55/64) (Bob & Joni's)
Pelican Lake---P/S 25--(S. end of Pelican lake, Gerrit's Lakeview)
Rolling Stone Lk-P/S 92---(Walleye Lodge, S. shore of lake)
Lily-------------------P/S 110--(Lily Sno Birds-when club is open)
Neva Corners-----P/S 13-- (Sikora's Market)
Neva Corners-----P/S 15-- (Quinn's)

Above listed are advertisers on the 2015-2016 Langlade County snowmobile map

PLEASE stay on marked trails. At times it is tempting to cut corners in fields, or maybe go off the trail in other areas, but the landowners tell the clubs where they want the trail to go across their property. Staying on the marked trail is crucial to the clubs to maintain their trail easements. THANKS

If you would like a 2013-2014 Langlade County snowmobile trail map, send me an e/m with your name & address, my e/m address is at bottom of page.

The WOLF RIVER STATE TRAIL, known locally as "the grade", is open to snowmobiles from White Lake to Crandon.(when the Langlade & Forest County snowmobile trails are open)

LILY SNO BIRDS: The Lily Sno Birds club house is open Wednesdays & Fridays at 7:00PM . ( Open Fri, Sat, & Sun at 11:00AM DURING the snowmobile season when the trails are open) Food and refreshments are available, the family orientated club house is operated by snowmobilers, for snowmobilers & anyone else. There is a large open area to sit & relax, one of the "must stops" if your in the area. Stop and say hi to Don & the crew. Try one of Don's famous steak burgers.

Langlade County is divided in two zones for the purpose of opening & closing of the Trails. Zone "A" is basically to the North & East of the Antigo area; Zone "B" is to the SE, S, SW, & W of Antigo. Zones "A" & "B" are clearly marked on the current map(2013-2014). The zone lines may change; it primarily depends on snow conditions, but there are other factors that determine when a Zone is opened & if the Zone line is changed.

Questions email: Langlade Snow